We design all our Workshops keeping class sizes small to easily accommodate different capabilities. Collaboration and group discussion are a very important part of our Workshop structure and each participant is treated as an important contributor to each creative process. We are all (mostly) social creatures and age seems no barrier to the sharing of common interests & often innovative interactions that transpire throughout our workshops.

Drawing is any mark deliberately made onto a surface....

  • School Holiday Workshops



Monday 15th April –  Thursday 18th April



Falling Foliage & Layers Of Leaves

Willow, when the wind blows so your branches billow, O will you whisper while we listen so we learn what words your long leaves loosen? (Willow by Robert Macfarlane in The Lost Words)


It’s Autumn & foliage is falling creating layers of leaves on the ground, look up & look down, as the trees offer us their pre-Winter gifts we will make good use of their colours, their shapes and their secrets as we draw a story of our journey through the day & the season using pastels, pencils and pens while drifting along on the April wind.

(Monday 15th April 10:00-4:00)

Out Of The Blue!

Come explore & experiment drawing with blue carbon, blue biro, blue ink, blue pencil, and anything blue we can get our drawing hands on, to make many marvellous marks using only the colour BLUE. Although our finished drawings may seem to have appeared completely out of the blue we will have worked all day to layer, blur and blend our way to understanding how composition and colour can be used in VERY different & daring ways and even affect how we feel just by being BLUE!

(Tuesday 16th April 10:00-4:00)

Do You See What I See? A Little Book of PAREIDOLIA & HIRAMEKI

Do you see the shapes of figures, faces & animals in everyday things like rocks, clouds or tree bark? This is a phenomenon often referred to as Pareidolia & is the inspiration for this lovely little Workshop where we will get to use our powers of observation & imagination in equal measure. We will create unique fold out books of images using Ink & Watercolour blots as building blocks to create our own Hirameki drawings and pictures of everyday objects as starting points for our mark making stories & Pareidolia inspired journey … as seen through the drawer’s eyes.

(Wednesday 17th April 10:00-4:00)

The Chicken or The Egg?

Did you know there are more chickens on earth than people and that the colour of a chicken’s eggs depends on the colour of her earlobes (red earlobes equals brown eggs, white earlobes equals white eggs)? Chickens also have prehistoric roots and are the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex which may go some way to answering our age-old question! So, there will be much talk of chickens, there will be much talk of eggs, there may even be much talk of Dinosaurs, but rest assured there will also be plenty of poultry inspired drawing as we use graphite, inks, paints and salt to make some fantastic feathery fowls and look closely at the humble egg to discover what eggy surprises it contains (pssst. we’re not really looking for any answers just looking for an excuse to draw chickens!).

(Thursday 18th April 10:00-4:00)